Author: Emily Giffin

The first-ever author highlight – so exciting! There are countless authors that I’m in love with and would kill (not literally) to interview, but for this first ever attempt, Emily seemed like my girl.

The world has changed. No more letters by owl (poor Pigwidgeon), it’s all about Facebook, texting, and Skype. And while I won’t burst into a debate about the charm of letters versus the accessibility of emails, let’s just say that advanced technology has made connecting with our favourite authors a whole lot easier. When discussing which author was easy to contact and kept in touch with their fans on a regular basis, a lot of names came up. But one of my favs has got to be Emily. From giveaways to pictures, Tweeting, and playing trivia with fans, she has got the whole communicate-with-your-readers thing down.

So, I emailed her lovely assistant Kate and am able to give you some interesting info on Emily Giffin. If you weren’t a fan before, I seriously hope you will be now! ….in real life and on Facebook 😉

Name: Emily Fisk Giffin

Background Info:

Born March 20th; one of three siblings

Graduated from Wake Forest University, and then from University of Virginia School of Law (She’s a lawyer!)

Worked in litigation until she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a writer and moved to London

Is married with three kids; twin boys (Edward and George) and a daughter (Harriet) — such royal names!

Lives in Atlanta, Georgia and is a NY Times bestselling author

Age: a very young 40

Books Written: Something Borrowed (made into movie), Something Blue, Baby Proof, Love the One You’re With, Heart of the Matter

Upcoming Book: Where We Belong (read a preview here)

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