Veronica Roth talks Writing

I absolutely LOVE it when authors take the time to guide others into the world of writing. Getting advice from someone who has been there themselves really helps aspiring writers like myself…and perhaps you as well? A few days ago, author Veronica Roth (Divergent trilogy) discussed the world of writing and answered several interesting questions by readers on her tumblr

Do you have any advice for beginning writers who think they can’t get anything decent done?

My first piece of advice is stop thinking about whether it’s “decent” or not! Assessments of quality are stifling at the early stages of drafting in particular (and all throughout the writing process!)— just do the best you can at any given moment. And my second piece of advice is to stop worrying about getting anything “done”! All I did from ages 11-20 was write little broken pieces of stories that fizzled out after ten pages, twenty pages, fifty pages, three hundred pages…and then one day I found something that I thought was worth writing to the end. And after that I was able to finish things more often. But no time spent writing little pieces is ever wasted— Divergent was one of those pieces, for me, something I started and abandoned quickly after my freshman year of college and then picked up again four years later with a fresh perspective. I don’t really think any writing is wasted. Everything gets you where you need to go.

So, once you’ve stopped worrying about both of those things, try to just write because you love it. Write even when you don’t love it, too. And you’ll be fine.

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A little sad note

“The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea” – Isak Dinesen

We are blessed to call “grandparents” those who treasure us unconditionally and beyond comprehension; who love fiercely and generously as if that’s a given. I’ve lost the last of mine a few days ago, but only in life. For everything they’ve helped me become has made them eternal. Rest in peace and with all my love.