50 Book Pledge 2012

Every year, one of my New Year’s Resolutions is always to read more. But of course that (along with “eat healthier” and “exercise”) fades into some deep, dark corner of my mind as time goes on. This year I decided that it was time for a more concrete goal. Fortunately, HarperCollins Publishing had already come up with a creative idea to suit my literary needs. The 50 Book Pledge. 

It was daunting at first. I thought of it in numbers. 52 weeks in a year…50 books…so that would mean a book a week?! How could I possibly manage that? But it seriously hasn’t been hard. Some months I end up reading book after book, and some months I totally skip out. And that’s okay. Because I realize that with a goal in place there will always be the motivation to achieve it.

So, why don’t you join me this year? Start anytime, start now! If 50 sounds like a lot, try 25. Or 10? It really doesn’t matter :). As long as you’re reading more than you would have otherwise, you’re a winner.

I’ll be posting the books I’ve read on this page, and on my Pinterest board as well, so keep checking for inspiration and suggestions! Cheers.

– Anum

50 Book Pledge List:

The Game of Thrones

A Storm of Swords

A Feast for Crows

A Clash of Kings

A Dance with Dragons (all by George R. R. Martin)

Safe Haven (Nicholas Sparks)

Delirium (Lauren Oliver)

Divergent (Veronica Roth)

Inheritance (Christopher Paolini)

Great Expectations (Charles Dickens)

Three Weeks with my Brother (Nicholas and Micah Sparks)

The Lady of the Rivers (Philippa Gregory)

One Day (David Nicholls)

The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy (E.L. James)

Room (Emma Donoghue)

The Postmistress (Sarah Blake)

Aleph (Paulo Coelho)

Pandemonium (Lauren Oliver)

I’ve Got Your Number (Sophie Kinsella)

Insurgent (Veronica Roth)

Before I Fall (Lauren Oliver)

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Stieg Larsson)

Changeling (Philippa Gregory)

The Song of Achilles (Madeline Miller)

Forgotten (Catherine McKenzie)

Eve (Anna Carey)

State of Wonder (Ann Patchett)

The Paris Wife (Paula McClain)

Where We Belong (Emily Giffin)

The Night Circus (Erin Morgenstern)

Under the Tuscan Sun (Frances Mayes)


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